Wheels advice for Specialized Secteur Elite 2011

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Hi this is my first post and I'm relatively new to road biking after a long gap so go easy :)
I've got a small amount of spare cash and want to upgrade the wheels on my spesh secteur elite 2011 bought in November last year.
My budget is about £230 max.
The wheels that came with the bike are Mavic CXP22, I've been looking at Fulcrum racing 5, Easton EA50 SL and pro lite Merano (or Luciano as the Merano seems out of stock everywhere).
I've heard a few horror stories about trying to get tyres on the Eastons (I've just acquired some Schwalbe Ultremo R1's) so any advice would be appreciated.
Many thanks


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    Got my Mavic Ksyrium Equippe 2011's for @ 240 sniffs. Good upgrade over the CXP22's and my new Ultremo ZX's went on no bother :)
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    I'd be interested in opinions on this, as I'm looking to make the same upgrade on the same bike. The Hope Pro 3's get good reviews at the sub-£300 level, and I've narrowed my choice down to either those or the Pro-Lite Bracciano's.
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    Heh heh, about some creep on the budget? Spend £312 at Ribble and you can get RS80s. I have them on my Elite and they look the dog's danglers as well as being stiff/light. If you are going to change wheels, might as well spend the money on something decent :)
  • I also have a spec secteur, and changed to mavic open pro's with ultegra hubs or if you havent a massive budget then 105's will do nicely, i also wrapped them in mitchellin pro 3's. On my willier i have fulcrum 5's also wrapped in pro 3's. you can't go wrong with mavic open pro's not the lightest but if you get them built up by a decent lbs then they will last a long time. Hope this helps.
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    I own a 2010 Secteur Elite also. I was doing a sportive yesterday and I wrecked the rear rim. I pulled 2 nipples out of the rim and cracked the rim around a few more. I think it happened on a big climb when I got out of the saddle and I probably put a bit too much effort into it. I'm 19 stone so I'm well able to load up a rear wheel.
    I think I need to look at a set of handbuilt wheels. Something like Mavic Open Pro rims with a decent hub. Can anyone recommend a good value wheelbuilder. I see Rose Bikes do them but I was wondering if anyone had used them.
  • Bobbinogs
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    The usual names that come up, along with many recommendations, are:
    Paul Hewitt
    Harry Rowland

    If you use the search tool or google then the apprpriate contact details will come up.