Off to Aldi

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Up early and off to Aldi to bag a cycle jacket, hope they fit...
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  • Flamez
    Flamez Posts: 105
    I'm back and the XL is ok, quality seems good for £14.99.. There was a que of men waiting for the shop to open lol...
    Condor World Series 2012
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  • baldspot
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    You can pick up cheap cycle clothing in Aldi/Lidl to get you started or build up your kit but the quality really isn't that great.

    Still, it is hard to resist a bargain :)
  • loveaduck
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    Got me a whole arm full of cycling shorts, i find the mens fit better than the ladies :shock: and a nice red Cycling top.

    Now if you will excuse me, i'm going to lay them on my bed and role around on them for a while.

    I did see a chap filling his cart with tubes and seats (car-boot sale ?)

    There are only 2 ladies medium cycling shorts left so hurry girls :D to the store at Fox and Goose.
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