Very Old Tacx Rollers - Repalcemenr Drive Belt

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I've inherited a very old pair of Tacx rollers. They are in good condition except for a perished drive belt. The belt is green, around 5mm diameter and 80 inches long. I can't find a replacement in any on-line shops despite a number of enquiries. I have emailed Tacx and am awaiting a response. In the meantime, can anybody suggest where I could get a replacement?



  • andy_wrx
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    The grey & orange ones ?
    I have a pair.

    The green drive belt snapped, I fixed by melting the ends in a gas cooker flame and then joining together, allowing to cool then trimming smooth with a knife.

    Eventually bought a replacement belt, the blue one intended for Sportrack, Ecotrack, etc as apparently the Antares one is a different size
  • Ah I have the very same old set of tacx rollers and my drive belt snapped a couple of weeks ago at the original join.
    These are the ones with the chrome frame and big grey rollers?Good to know the current blue belts fit.
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    Blimey, I've got the old grey roller type as well, and I've just lent them to a mate who's got a smaller bike, had to adjust them and found that belt is too stretched for the smaller wheelbase. Made the mistake of not taking off the rollers after last winter, hence the strectch.

    Cheers to Andy for the blue belt advice. Reckon I'llchop and stick this one for now, and get a new belt for the winter. :D
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    Thanks for the replies. The rollers are grey with orange ends. Tacx have told me that part T1043 will work. This is on sale at CRC and Ribble amongst others for around a tenner.