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my achilles heal as started hurting on longer rides.
no stranger to these long rides, same shoes ,same pedals ,same bike position within few mm either way. i have had new cleats but they feel as if their in the right place .
any body got any suggestions?
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  • racingcondor
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    Not sure about the cure but achilles pain can be from dropping your heel and over extending the tendon.

    I'd guess that raising / moving back your saddle and concentrating on pointing your toes down for a while would help but others can probably offer better advice on the cure (it's not a problem that I've had and raising the saddle may just transfer the over extension to your knee...).
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    Had another thought though. If you've recently upped your milage a lot (due to sun for instance) it could just be because you ramped it up too much, too quickly.
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    Having had Achilles niggles in the past from playing rugby please ease up and do less long rides until the pain goes away it's the only coarse of action do not do what i did and carried on going at full tilt and ended up with a rupture which needed an operation and 15 months before i could do any real sport on it, i could walk ok after about 6 month's but any hard exercise no chance listen to your body.
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    Thats cheered me up no end, that has.

    Think i`ll move my cleats around a little and see what happens.
    Next long ride is a 600k thing, in about 10 days, should be alright by then.
    But i`ll buy an extra box of ibuprofen just in case.
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    May be the onset of tendonosis. Stretch the calfs. Massage the calfs deeply . Strengthen the calf by doing single legged heel drops. Ease off the milage for a bit.
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