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I've just taken the plunge and got a year old Specialized Secteur Sport 2010. As i'm relatiely new to cycling can someone give me some idea of what gear I need to invest in?

I've got a couple of pairs of padded shorts ive used for spinning but what else should i get and where from?

Thanks in advance


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    Pedals - SPD, SPD SL's etc
    Top to wick sweat away
    Cycling tights (for the colder days.)
    Showerproof jacket
    Eye protection
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    A decent pair of mitts is important. Not only for grip and comfort on the bike (particularly on roads with a poor surface) but it is also the usual contact point if you spill.

    Some bib shorts will be good, particularly if you are slightly round in the belly area. Bibs are much more comfortable around the waist which doesn't seem important to start with but add some gels and sit hunched over for 3 hours and the less pressure on the belly the better, in my opinion and I am fairly lightweight. I still use shorts for the turbo or shorter rides but bibs for everything else.

    A decent track stand pump is also very useful and a pump for on the move is essential. Lezyne do a mini stand pump so you can combine the two and save a few quid. I know that this isn't clothing but I though i would throw it in.

    Unfortunately, it really does keep adding up in terms of stuff and the list will be never ending so my advice would be don't feel you have to get it all before cycling, just add to your kit as you go along and work out your own priorities.
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    Long sleeve jersey, short sleeve jersey, wind/waterproof jacket and some padded shorts or bibs seem to be basic requirements.

    Check out Sports Direct - currently they have some nice bits of Karrimoor cycle clothing. Very reasonable prices and pretty good quality from what I've seen.

    But to be honest it can be a fairly extensive list of requirements...I've only been into bikes for a month or so...and shopping for kit appears to be my next favourite thing!

    I've used various online retailers like Chain Reaction and ProBikeKit and even picked up a couple of pieces of clothing from TK Maxx!

    Enjoy your Secteur and happy cycling/shopping ^_^
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    Garment sizing can be confusing, in the wonderful world of cycling you will be a different size in different parts of the world :? If the brands are from North America, Britain and Northern Europe you will be one size larger than 'civilian' wear, Italy two sizes and Asia is anybodies guess. Check the websites scrupulously for size information and make sure the 'returns' policy is appropriate. (This is, of course, a wild generalisation).

    The good news is that Aldi have a cycling promotion starting on Thursday. The stuff is very cheap and may well serve your purpose until you become more discerning/demanding/snobbish as your experience builds.

    Welcome and good luck.
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    Couple of jerseys, I'd get short sleeve and buy some arm warmers to wear on cooler days, couple of pair of bib shorts and again buy some leg warmers for the cooler days, a foldaway waterproof jacket, photochromatic glasses, helmet, skull cap and shoes and cleats.
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    Go to Aldi's this Thursday and get fixed up there for a very reasonable cost.