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I'm hitting a limit on insurance cover through my house contents of £2500 which isn't quite enough. Evidently, if your bike's value exceeds the limit of cover it may not be insured! :shock:

Can anyone recommend a company that does bike insurance as a separate policy? Thanks.
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  • sungod
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    might be worth cancellng your current contents cover and switching to m&s

    i got the premier policy with contents away from home option, gives unlimited cover (you need to declare any items over 4000), and it worked out almost the same price as my old policy that was limited and didn't cover the bikes ... ier-cover/
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  • rothers_bikeo
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    Same here, switched my home insurance to M&S, got it for cheaper than I was paying and bikes are included away from home.
  • chill123
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    m&s - me too. read good reviews about them, got a quote cheaper which now includes the bikes!
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    Great tip - thanks guys. Contents cover is good, but their "buildings assessor" claims my house is high risk of subsidence. I told them it's built directly on a trillion tonnes of Jurassic limestone that hasn't moved (much) for 100 million years, but "computer says "No"". :roll:
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  • nferrar
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    My buildings cover is with Tesco but contents is M&S so I'd just split yours to (I did have specialist cycle insurance for a year but it's about 10% of the value of the bikes so wasn't feasible once my collection grew :p ).
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    I've done just that, and in the process saved nearly £100 on the best joint quote. Hmmmm, what can I buy for the bike that costs around £100? :D
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  • plowmar
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    Cheer up Peddle Up!, just get the bike bit by bit - £100 tyres, inners and pump, simples.