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new mtb for teenage daughter

crush123crush123 Posts: 3
My daughter has grown out of her islabikes beinn and am looking for a good bike, probably hardtail, as a replacement around the £400 mark.

We are not hard core cyclists, but do enjoy the trails around Thetford forest

Two bikes I have noticed are the Marin Coast Trail and the Specialized myka.

Can anyone offer an opinion of either of these, or suggest an alternative.

Also, I realise that last year's colours are often discounted.
Not too concerned about the colour, so if I could get a £500 bike for £400, then it would be very appealing.

... or should we stick with islabikes and get her a beinn 26 large.

we lose out on the suspension, but is this necessary ?

also, how much do the marin and specialized weigh compared with the islabike ?

Thanks for any advice


  • I have been quite impressed with the Kids Cube bike range so they might be worth a look.
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  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    I reckon a Myka would do fine - they always seem to have good deals on last years models too. When I was looking for a Hardrock for my son, always seemed to be able to get more for my money if I went for a Myka instead, but managed to get a deal on a hardrock in the end.
  • crush123crush123 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Looking at the weights, the cube comes in at 13.4 kg and the Myka at 12.8, (compared with the islabikes 11.1).

    (I can't find any info on the weight of the Marin)

    I don't think there's a local dealer who sells soecialized, marin & cube, so its difficult to do a direct comparison with a real machine
  • tailwindhometailwindhome Posts: 18,737

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