Bryton Rider 50 - Bike Mount Broken

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Bought a Bryton Rider 50 3 weeks ago from Wiggle and the bike mount broke on just my 3rd ride - a smooth road ride. Descending a col, the stem mount suddenly snapped. Specifically, the toggle that slides into the back of the Rider 50 just snapped off and the unit skidded along the asphalt.
Fortunately, no following traffic so the unit was not crushed by a car and I was able to recover the unit - which still seems to work OK. But with the stem mount now out of action, had to put the navigation unit in a back pocket and continue.

Have now returned the unit to Wiggle for replacement as the bounce down the road following the mounting breakage has left several scars on the unit.

Has anyone else had a problem with the Bryton Rider bike mount ?

After a few Google searches, I went onto the Bryton website in New Zealand and there is a news item about replacing bike mounts due to breakage. Also sounds like the new mounts being released from March 2011 are a version 3 redesign. Unclear what version the mount is on mine that Wiggle shipped in March 2011...

As am based in Europe (France) - have not seen a similar replacement offer on the European websites for Bryton. Sounds like this may be a potential weak point, but very positive that Bryton are addressing via a redesigned mount. Hoping this redesign will also resolve this issue.

Otherwise, am impressed with how the Bryton Rider 50 functions. Website and Route planning very good and post ride tracking excellent.
Frankly though, am still wondering if this is just a gadget or has real utility.....
After only 3 rides, was still getting used to so much data available on the handlebars - Maps & Stats etc.... which can be a real distraction versus just getting on with riding. As I typically know where I am going, the navigation has limited utility during a ride, so the computer functions are of more interest during a ride.

Once I get a replacement, does anyone have advice on a 'safety strap' so that if the mount breaks again, the unit does not dive-bomb the asphalt ? Putting a rubber band around it would just obscure the screen (which is the whole point of having the device).
Any other ideas ?



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    Paul, looks like you have missed this thread here ... highlight=

    You mention that you are not sure which mount you have. I would (almost) bet money you have a mk2 which are very tightly held on the stem by two thin straps whereas the MK1 sits on the bars next to the stem and are held by a single tough strap.

    Get in touch with Wiggle before they dispatch the replacement to you and ask them for the mk1 mount. It doesn't fracture at the mount base because it's a different design. I have the mk1 on both road bikes and on my mountain bike (from Wiggle) and have not had a single problem.

    The securing to the bar problem is easily solved by the way. Use a lanyard in the same way you would on an Exposure light or a torch, then you can thread through itself on the bars and if a mount does break the unit will then simply swing from the bars.

    Incidentally, I can only assume the mk3 mount design is still not ready.
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    Quick update on After-Sales Service from Wiggle following the Mount breaking for my Bryton Rider 50.

    Excellent service from Wiggle who replaced the entire Rider 50 unit (which was still working after its bounce down the road, but had some cosmetic damage) as well as supplying an 'old' Mark I bar mount (in addition to the Mark II mount in the box). So top marks to Wiggle for immediate replacement. They also fully refunded my postage as well.
    Needless to say, I will give them more business in future as well as recommend them as serious and competitive suppliers to friends.

    The already announced Mark III bar mount is due to be released by Bryton and Wiggle have informed me that this will be supplied when available.
    The Mark I bar mount works well and has more 'give' than the Mark II, insulating the unit better from vibration.

    In addition, the Bryton Rider 50 is supposed to be supplied with Navteq HD Maps and these did not come with my unit - so Wiggle is following up with the Distributor (Selwyn Sports) to have these missing Navteq HD Maps supplied to me.