Durano or Marathon Racers?

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Has anyone had any experience of these tyres? I am looking at either the 28mm Duranos or the 30mm Marathon Racers. I don't want to go wider than 30mm but they are for a 1300mile tour in September (JOGLE with extreme NSEW points visited as well over about 15-16 days I hope).

Both seem to offer what I need, faster and lighter than most touring tyres and more durable than full on race tyres. The Duranos are typically listed as "road race" tyres whereas the Marathon Racers are usually listed as "touring". Just marketing perhaps?

Marathon Racers seen to be about £5/tyre more expensive and harder to get hold of but the few reviews I've read seem to recommend both.



  • I had a pair of Duranos disintegrate on my rollers not too long ago. if you do get them, don't use them on Rollers..
    Emails to Schwalbe have gone unanswered thus far regarding..
    Put pics, etc on the blog about it :


    Cycle related blog entries, including a few 5 minute reviews:
    http://anotherdooratthe.endoftheinterne ... y/cycling/
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    I think they are quite similar tyres except for the width and thread (though not much thread on either). I would choose based on your preferred size.

    And aren't prices around the same? At least i Germany, where I do my shopping (around 20GBP).
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    Sleeping_Menace - I hope that was just a one-off event, a dodgy batch perhaps? Not great that Schwalbe didn't reply to your emails though. I'm also looking at the tyres listed just as "Durano" rather than "Durano S" so perhaps the bad experiences doesn't apply in this case.

    Peter - thanks for that. This is exactly why I was asking for some advice from people who have tried them before. I must admit that I'm leaning towards the Marathon Racers on the basis of a bit more tread (which might be useful on the rougher roads) and a bit more comfort. Prices are a bit higher here though. I'm struggling to find anywhere that has either of these tyres for less that £30 each. Those that advertise for less than that never have any stock. It's enough to make me want to make sure that I buy the right thing to start with.

    Maybe I'm just over thinking it though :?
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    If you are considering either the 30mm Racer or the 28mm Durano, I guess you are overthinking it. Not much difference would be my guess. But if you are to use it regularly on non-tarmac roads (or just very rough roads), I would consider the 35mm. All Racer sizes and the Durano 28mm can be had for 22 eur here + 6 eur shipping to UK: http://www.bike-discount.de/shop/k288/t ... html?lg=en
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    I have a set of Durano Plus (with the serious layer of anti-puncture) in 25 and I'm really very happy with them. I almost defy them to get puncutured and if it does ever happen, god knows what it will be that caused it. Prob a pot hole - as I can't see flint or thorns getting through. They were a doddle to fit - didn't even need to use levers to get them on. Won't know till get there - but I'm thinking 2000 miles at least.

    - used for commuting on fairly bumpy country backroads.
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    wow, thanks Peter.

    Decided to go for the Marathon Racers in the end. Two tyres and three tubes and postage back to the UK ended up costing £10 less that just the two tyres on their own in the UK! Thank you very much. :D
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    No problem. And yes, many German products are quite a bit cheaper in Germany than UK, although sometimes it is the other way around. Ultremo ZX are cheaper in the UK.