Which saddle for prostrate problems?

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After riding for several years I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostrate. I had surgery to resolve the problem. For many years I have ridden Fizik saddles and I am currently using an Arione on each of my bikes. Three months after the operation I started riding again but I found I was having pain in my urethra. This ultimately led to a urethral stricture which meant I could no longer 'p**'. After an emergency admission to hospital this has now been sorted out. I have now restarted cycling but, as you probably can understand, I am reluctant to continue using my Fizik Arione saddles. I have tried a Specialized Toupe with its grooved centre and although this has released the pressure on my urethra I am finding it a real pain in the 'a***'. Ideally I am looking for a saddle with the sit bone comfort of an Arione and the cut out of a Toupe. Sorry to be so graphic but I am finding the search for a saddle so frustrating as they can be expensive and I only have a limited budget. Has anyone experienced similar problems and could you recommend a suitable saddle?


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    I haven't had the problems you describe (ouch!), but I am a long-time Arione user and I have recently switched to a Selle Italia SLR (XP) which I find feels similar, but a touch more comfortable over longer distances. I know the SLRs have variants with cutouts - might help?

    Specialized saddles didn't work out for me, they made my sit-bones very sore.
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    I had an Arione for over a year but didn't really get on with it. I've found a Charge spoon more comfy and intend to go for a Selle Italia with a cut out at some point. My wife uses their Diva saddle and loves it, I'm impressed with the build of the saddle.
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    fizik recently added a few saddles with a centre channel, including an arione...


    some stores have test saddles, so you can try before buying, if you can track one down
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles.

    I have recently made the switch from a Fizik Arione CX to the new Fizik Arione Versus (the grooved channel version). I did this as although I find the Arione great for general comfort, I was suffering from numb gentleman's bits!

    I have to say the difference was noticeable from the very first ride - zero feelings of numbness or pressure on the perinium whatsoever. The only downside so far is that it doesn't feel quite so comfortable as the original Arione on the sit bones. Nothing drastic, so I am going to persevere with it as I expect it to give slightly with more miles of riding.

    I have tried various Specialized Toupe models in the past and they may also help - I found them generally less comfortable than the Arione but we are all different in what we find comfy[/i]
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    I used to get numb with my Arione, tried a Toupe which I didn't find comfy and I'm now using a Spesh Alias which is fine.
    I got mine from a Spesh dealer who measured my sit bones.

    Like already stated, they had test saddles that I could borrow for a couple of weeks at a time.
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    selle smp? sit bones not too comfy but zero prostate pressure :)
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    Rather than just the usual saddle recommendations, a recommendation from someone who has had physical health problems in that area.

    Consider a Topeak Allay saddle. Better than a cut away, they use an airbag to support everything forward of the sit bones.

    Like you, I needed a saddle to address a serious physical condition which meant I had to relieve as much pressure as possible from the perineal area. From the first ride the saddle has changed my riding; from fearing injury within a hundred yards of getting on the bike I was straight away able to do 20-30 miles without injury.

    In addition, my brother had prostatitis last year brought about by the impacting of a standard saddle on his nether regions. Since his recovery he now rides a Topeak Allay to prevent it happening again and is amazed by the relief it gives him.

    They have been criticised fior being awkward to set up but as long as you follow the instructions they then require minor tweaking to get it really comfortable for yourself.
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    I have written on the forum about my own problems in this which has taken me from the fittest I have ever been doing 100+ miles a week through to a period of hospitalisation 4 months off work and morphine and a few other meds just to get me through the day.

    I have as a result tried all of the saddles mentioned and settled on the selle smp lite 209 as the one which has tentativelly got me back cycling. Doing this is so uplifting as I had been told cycling was not going to be part of my life again. Like a typical cyclist I am currently resting due to doing too much too soon and having a knee like a baloon!!

    Like every situation the answer will be person specific but if its off any help to fellow bike radar posters I am going to put all my spare saddles up on e.bay at the next free listing day and am happy to give a good deal to anyone wanting to buy; selle smp glider white with 200 miles on it, Specialized Toupe 100 miles in black, ladies BG Toupe Ruby saddle in black (not used by me..) all in great nick.

    Sorry if it seems Im hi-jacking the thread to make a sale but Ive had such lows with this subject and am keen to help anyone if I can.

    Happy to chat through PM
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    The problem is that if you take the weight off the perineum area it goes on to the sit bones. So the sit bones have to get used to it which takes time. I use a Spez Romin but am finding this years models to be harder than my previous one, maybe I need to break them in. I have not been able to use any saddle without a cut out due to numb bits and do not recommend selle italia flites with cut outs because the cut out is not wide enough. Selle SMP are good but the edges can be uncomfortable. The Selle Italia slc may work for you.
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    I've been having similar issues & am wondering if the San Marco Mantra would help. The cut out is one of the largest available. Has anyone tried one?
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    Selle smp evolution.
    I used to get a burning pain when peeing after a ride. I switched to this and its gone.

    It is quite hard on the sit bones though and you have to persevere to get used to it. Its also quite expensive.
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    I used to have numb nuts on a fizik arione (although found it comfy), changed to selle italia max flite and have not been uncomfy or numb since - good luck with your search, try ebay and the classifieds (saddle swap shop) on here. These are the places where you can usually pick up cheap saddles! :D
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    I believe that these are supposed to help....


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    Today I did a 55 mile ride on a sell italia max flite gle flow saddle. It's huge, heavy but for me like sitting on a firm armchair. It's the first saddle I have used where I can feel the pressure on my bones and not my soft parts, and was much more comfortable.

    For what its worth, I am 90kg, 6ft 1, larger than average. My previous saddle experiences have been:

    Fizik Arione 1/10
    Specialized toupe 3/10
    specialized alias wide 6/10
    Selle italia SLR T1 (on TT bike) 6/10
    Saddles on newport track hire bikes 2/10
    John Cobb max flow 3/10 (was too wide I think)
    Focus saddle on my 2006 cayo expert 1/10

    There have been others, but this is easily the best so far. I'm going to try on atrack bike, and also try the much thinner sleeker selle italia slr on my road bike tomorrow.
  • How about the Ism Adamo saddles, My boyfriend has an enlarged prostate and is awaiting surgery, he got one of these and can still get on the bike. I thought it looked a little strange but gave it a go myself and I must say, despite it's looks it's the comfiest saddle I have ever used and have ordered one too.

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    P.R.O.S.T.A.T.E. please. Prostrate means lying face down,
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  • Sirius631 wrote:
    P.R.O.S.T.A.T.E. please. Prostrate means lying face down,

    There is one on every forum :roll:
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    Sirius631 wrote:
    P.R.O.S.T.A.T.E. please. Prostrate means lying face down,

    There is one on every forum :roll:
    What, someone who can spell? :wink: