Cast Iron bike stand for at home - with pics.

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Recently is was my sixth wedding anniversary and the theme was Iron.

The Mrs came up trumps this year with this cast iron beauty, works a treat and looks good in the garden as we live in an old cottage.

Saves having to lean the bike up against the wall risking scratching the seat or levers.

Was from a company called "cast in style",




  • flippin' ace!

    +1 to the missus!!
  • hopper1
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    flippin' ace!

    +1 to the missus!!

    +2... That's a great thought, she did well there.
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  • ShutUpLegs
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    Thats nice :D

    And the bike
  • NervexProf
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    Congrats to Mrs JD - an inspired and unique gift and a work of art.
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  • navrig
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    Looks great just don't stub your toe on it ;-)
  • Zachariah
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    That is rather splendid.
  • Velonutter
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    Have you got a URL for that or contact details? How Much?
  • Velonutter
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    Cheers but at £63 I will have to pass, but really liked it.
  • Aggieboy
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    I've got something like that for my beer..............................

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  • JD_76
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    I thought you might like it, it isnt cheap granted but should last a lifetime.

    I deffo wouldnt want to stub my toe on it as it weighs a ton.

    Fits my lads BMX bike as well.