First time with tri bars......

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Hi guys,

I'm just recovering from broken ribs and after 5 weeks off the bike i'm slowly getting back to it....

Just before the accident that broke my ribs i purchased some clip-on aero bars, hoping to start doing some local TTs....

Anyway, tonight i went out for quick bimble on the bike and tried using them for the first time......and came across some issues.....hoping you guys can offer any advice...

1. Did everyone else find it as scary as i did?? I found i had very little control and, in the strong wind tonight, the time i did spend on them i was shitting myself for every just felt like i was going to come off at every second.....i'm hoping that with time this feeling goes??? It may of been amplified by my nerves of only second ride since breaking my ribs....

2. Is there a method for getting them in the right position? or is it just trial and error as to what you find comfortable...??

Thanks for the help in advance!!



  • Nik Cube
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    It just takes some time and your confidence will grow. Find some nice straight flatish road and ride up and down getting the feel it will come.

    I had the same feelings when I first used tri bars now I am quite happy with them
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    Yes its scary, but you will get used to it, I think most people have felt the same.
  • The right position is the one that provides the right power/aerodynamics and comfort. You need to balance the three - check out the other set ups. If you are going long comfort and power reign supreme. There are four additional levels of setup when you ad clip on bars (not including your existing bike) - so its a bit tricky to describe. Tri talk (triathlon site will have loads of info)

    you do obviously have much less control as
    a) you have no brakes within reach
    b) you have no gears within reach
    c) you have much less ability to steer

    So - if its the route you want to go you just need to get used to it.

    PS - its very difficult to bimble along with aero bars - the faster you go the more stable you will feel !!
  • markos1963
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    It does feel scary at first as you are in an unnatural position. Just go out and ride on them as much as you can. I does come to you eventually. I love riding on them as it helps stop my hands from getting pins and needles. I even love cornering hard on them, don't know why but I do. :D