Shoulder pain - bad fit on bike?

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After years on an MTB i've borrowed a mates PlanetX today and cranked out an 18.5 mile loop. Legs and everything else seems fine but my shoulders are quite achy. Feel very tight and I think I was probably leaning forward too much. I plan to use my own bike (which I'm getting o the C2W) to commute on a couple of times a week. 10 miles each way and was wondering if there would be a more forgiving geometry. Any suggestions on what to look for. Would a CX bike be a better idea. I kept thinking I was going to break the campag wheels on my friends bike. Thicker tyres would be nice I think.

All advice gratefully received, Rob.


  • road stuff is tougher (usually) than it looks.
    Planet X(9Pro carbon?) has a pretty long TT I think even the small is 53cm. Remember the bike would have been set up for your mate (eg the stem lenght, spacers etc)

    try a few fit calculators (competative cyclist website) and see where you end up ?
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    Keep your shoulders neutral. It's all too easy on a road bike to let your body slump forward further than your shoulders. I had the same problem in February after being off the bike for a bit. Work a bit on your posture and you should be alright.

    Adjusting the bar height may help. If there are spacers on top you can up it with them. Or you if the stem is pointing down you could flip that.

    You won't break the wheels on your mates bike unless you do something really stupid. Road bikes are a lot tougher than they look.
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    Thanks for those replies. He did mention that I might have to play with the seat height quite a bit to get comfortable. I think the problem however was the top tube length and to top it off he's fitted a longer stem too. Strange thing is he's the same height as me. I think i'm going to go test ride a few and given the review the KHS flite is on my list. Cycling + described it as a bike that could be ridden all day comfortably.

    Does anyone run with wider than 23mm tyres? Is it a much more comfortable ride?