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Cube or Trek

MattPlattMattPlatt Posts: 11
edited April 2011 in MTB buying advice
Ok so i've been to my local cycle shops and i'm after a hardtail mountain bike, my budget is around the £600 mark.

I've been recommended the Cube Attention (£649) and the Trek 4300 disc (£500) being a complete novice I dont know which way to turn and was hoping you kind people could offer some guidance?



  • RevellRiderRevellRider Posts: 1,794
    £150 gets you a great deal more bike. The Cube runs a 9 speed drivetrain, Shimano disc brakes, Easton finishing kit and a Rock Shox suspension fork with bar mounted lockout and rebound adjustment.

    If the Cube fits you, that's where my money would go.
  • X 2 with the Cube,

    I own the 2009 Cube Attention and is my old faithful! She's been through a lot and still going strong.

    In my opinion you get a better component spec for your money with Cube than most other Brands.

    Get the Cube, you won't regret it.
  • Just on specs alone the cube looks good - and I'm a trek man myself..
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