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Cannondale Six

Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
edited May 2011 in Your road bikes
Bought this off of Bike Junkie this week to use until my Colnago arrives later this year. Very nice chap he is!

Bike is the standard bike of the year six with 105ish build. Have tried dura ace cl24s on it and they didn't really get on, all felt a bit dead. Put my Reynolds attacks on last night and they have transformed the bike. Feels very sprightly now. Odd as the opposite is true on my steel frame. Maybe something to do with flex amounts of each material, who knows it's baffling!?

Swapped out the saddle and bartape too. Tyres are open pave vittorias. Some dura ace and hollowgram upgrades planned if I like it. Jury is out somewhat at present.



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