Knackered Knee.

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Hi All,
Desparation is creeping in. Due to poor eyesight I do not drive abd cycling is my primary means of transport. At least it was until a few months ago. My left knee is now badly damaged and I cannot bend it fully. There is no immediate hope of a fix and I cannot bend it enough to cycle properly.
Any sugestions would be enormously welcome. I have thought of a shorter crank or putting wooden blocks on the left hand side, but neither idea is a goer.
My only thought is some kind of eliptical device which allows the pedal to not go to the bottem of it's arc and also stops it coming to the top!!
Initially I put the seat as high as I could, but I cannot straighten my leg fully either! HELP.


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    Pedal with 1 leg
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    You could get a shorter crank arm for the left side its actually a surprisingly common modification for people with leg problems. You might have to buy a crankset just for the arm but a look on ebay and you do see people selling single arms occasionally. As long as its the correct crank to axle interface it wont be a problem.
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    Was talking to a guy the other day with bad rheumatic arthritis. He's had both his knees and elbows replaced, but his knees will not bend past 90 degrees anymore. He had special cranks with threads down the length of them so he could have his pedals at varying heights. He says this works a treat.
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    you can get a swinging crank, but they are not cheap.
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