Comparable new crank to Stronglight speedlight, advice pleas

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Evenin' all.

Had a sod of a day putting together a fixi (had mine stolen a couple of weeks ago).

Basically, 15 year old 531 frame
had some wheels handbuilt, Zenith hubs, Chrina rims, Dural rubber.
Chainset was all sorted and lined up. Unfortunately the new crank spider was out of true. After returning to the LBS it turns out the entire stock are the same and looks like a return of the lot to Stronglight. LBS has nothing else in that will do the job esp as chainring fitted on the inside.

So, I had, (and all lined up, spaced and chainlined), a Speedlight 170 crankset 130bcd with a Stronglight Zicral 42 teeth ring - fitted to the inside (frame side) of the spider to line correctly, mounted on to a new Stronglight 400 103mm BB.

I still have the BB but don't mind changing it as it was only £12 and can be kept in the drawer as a spare for something. The crankset and chainring have been returned.

So the question is what to replace the crankset and chainring with? The speedlight was good value for performance / weight I thought and looked good too.

Don't want to particularly start again with the rear end etc so what would be a similar replacement (and pref available now) to suit the frame and set up? The chainring will have to sit on the inside of the spider. The speedlight crankset was around £50 to 60 and the ring £25 I think. I want something decent but not a fortune to save 5 grams.

Prefer to stay with 3/32 rather than 1/8 if poss.

Any suggestions chaps(esses).