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So Here Goes!!!
On Sept 4th 2011 Black Rat will be holding the officially unofficial world cycling championships at Castle Coombe Race Circuit.
We have contacted the UCI and to their knowledge there are no current world champs in the categories we intend to hold. So we are free to call it “world championships” and use “rainbow jerseys” as prizes. Providing we don’t use any official logo’s or copy any current designs. I guess this mean’s if we play fair they wont sue us;{)
Categories are, Tandem’s, singlespeeds/fixies, recumbents and a brompton race.
The current Brompton “worlds” is a time trial whereas ours is a crit race!

New website now live with more info added as available and open for entries.
Obviously any glaring omissions in rules/admin will be covered by the time everything is fully finalised but the basic concept is there and we are sure this will create some fun/competition and massive interest!

Numbers limited for safety and organisational reasons so don’t delay if you wanna be wearing a special jersey in the future;)
Will try to answer any questions asap.......