Been handed down this 1958 road bike

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Ive been told its an E.A.Bolt frame, handmade made in england in 1958, it was powdered coated in 1975 and the decals were not replaced ( dang!) the bottom bracket has NERVEX stamped on it, thats all i know about it lol heres a few pics to see if anyone knows what brand of bike it is and what it would be worth if i were to sell, only reason being im 6ft odd and its a 21 inch frame otherwise id keep it.








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    Hard to see from the detail whether this is indeed a 1958 frame - looks more like 1975 unless some new brazings were added when it was rebuilt. Other parts look contemporary with respray. Value Would suggest is nothing special, perhaps £120 for frame and forks if Reynolds 531 or £200 for the whole bike. Try asking on Retrobike road forum or search Classic Lightweights. The name isn't listed on Classic Rendevous and every major town had a local builder, there were literally thousands of framebuilders in the UK post war.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..