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Spotted this bike today

DunkindiverDunkindiver Posts: 143
edited April 2011 in The bottom bracket
I spotted this bike today in my Son In laws Car showroom in Bangkok, it's obviously a Harley Davidson, but does anyone have any more info on it as regards age etc.



  • jim453jim453 Posts: 1,360
    Looks like it's quite recent.

    Maybe made as some kind of interesting advertising curiosity to get people talking.

    Wouldn't like to climb any mountains on it.

    Or ride down the west coast of America on it.

    In fact, what do you think it's for?
  • DunkindiverDunkindiver Posts: 143
    Like a Harley Motorbike, Cruising! :)
  • psiturbopsiturbo Posts: 64
    Ugly as can be... :shock:
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,570
    Pretty useless... like the real thing.

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  • banditvicbanditvic Posts: 537
    Astana's new TDF kit if you look very closley you can see the battery packs hidden just above the back wheels.
  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    S'not a Hardly Movingson: no plough hitch on the back.
  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    HD will put their name on anything. And anything with their name on it will be bought by some lemming. The bike in the photo looks fairly recent but they have done a few different versions over the years. In my 52 years on this earth I have never seen one actually being ridden. They do attract attention in showrooms, pubs and museums though. :?
  • tri-sexualtri-sexual Posts: 672
    i'm not a harley fan but i'd buy it as a fan of cycling, nice talking point.

    i was in hong kong a little while back and saw a bike on display at a car showroom used much like the bike above.
    loved that bike, no idea what it was but it was great - think cannondale hooligan, similar size with 20" wheels, it had single front fork and single rear chainstay- the rear wheel just cantilevered over the back, it was hub geared with a belt drive system all totally bling with loads of tricked out parts - absolutely amazing
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