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Stepped up to the fast group

StanwaySteve62StanwaySteve62 Posts: 702
edited April 2011 in The bottom bracket
Blimey, went off with the fast group last night on the local shop ride (53-12)
I usually ride the 18 mile loop with the inters avg around 18mph.
Last night my avg was 19.3 for the slightly longer route the fast group takes.
It was windy last night but that small change in speed was a massive effort on my part to keep up.
Great guys though, I did drop 5-10 yards on a couple of slopes only to be spotted and picked by a stronger ride who pulled me back and gave words of encouragement to keep it going.
Did feel good at about 10 miles when we flew past the group I normally ride with though. :D
Prob won't go with next week as did hold them back a couple of times and took no turn on the front either, only seven in the group so quite important to take a turn.
Maybe the pub lunch 3 hours earlier was not the best idea when you are still 3 stone over the weight i would like to be :D


  • ddraverddraver Posts: 24,256
    perhaps, but then you won't get faster going down a group. Maybe try sticking with it a few weeks and see if you can set some simple goals like I'm not going to get dropped on the flat, I won't get dropped at all, I ll take a turn on the front on the flat and finally I ll take full part in the group....
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  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 61,445 Lives Here
    Burying yourself is the best way to get faster much quicker - and nothing motivates yourself to do just that more than a bunch of wheels which are ever so slowly going further and further away.
  • Fair enough, but don't want to spoil their ride either.
    I did actually contribute a bit though as there was another new rider to the group that was a bit slower than me and brought him back to the group a couple of time in the early part of the ride but he eventually dropped back into the inters
  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    just tell the guys if you get dropped carry on, and then you can drop back to the inters yourself?? then you try to stay on longer each week.
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  • Good point, when I say dropped I do only mean off the wheel rather than out the back a good way.
    I guess I could have dropped back but pride and all that :D
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