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Yay! As of today I am a cycle commuter.



  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,718
    Nik Cube wrote:
    Mr boffin I am shocked I had a 30 mile loop up to shelbourne through Ham and over Coombe gibet, linkenholt and conholt hills.

    The wind was quite harsh on the way out but the ride was worth it

    Yesterday I went up to burbage and then down to pewsey and home via tidworth

    Nice work Coombe is hard on a normal day let alone in this wind, added to the wind I've pulled something in my neck so cant turn my head to look over my shoulder so not really very wise to go road cycling.

    PS. I live in Burbage.
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  • Nik CubeNik Cube Posts: 311
    Not good having a pain in the neck - hope you are back on the bike soon
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  • Clare_MClare_M Posts: 68
    I went out on my MTB instead. Was shockingly windy til I got into the woods, but it's only a mile away. Thing that annoyed me is at Harlestone Firs they are doing some work on the trees, so all of the trails have debris all over them, plus big massive logs closing off the entrances. Not worth going really, but still had a bit of a work out. Plus I earned an ice cream :)
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