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Solar/Batterypack Phone Chargers



  • flesterflester Posts: 464
    Not trying to be funny, but do you need a mobile phone while touring? Part of the appeal of cycling for me is the un-electronicness of it though I am not averse to electronic devices when not on the move.

    If going really remote, will there be a mobile signal anyway?

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  • nwallacenwallace Posts: 1,465
    Needed phone for:
    Booking bus from Ullapool to Inverness
    Booking Hostel in Inverness
    Checking for camping/bunkhouse/hostel availability in Stornoway
    Phoning guy that looks after Ardvourlie so we could get in

    So yes I did need it.

    Although mostly what I used the phone for was GPS tracking.
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  • glanmaglanma Posts: 36
    Have a look at this site;,power-curve-s ... er,88.html
    Some people I know of are cycling to the Arctic Circle from London at the mo (only 5 days away from it as I write) and are using these products to keep their phones and other electronics charged - i guess they must be working well as the twitter and facebook updates are coming through daily.
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