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I'm aware that I've asked a similar question before but this time I can be slightly more specific. I'm looking for some new wheels. I'm about 15 stone so would be considered as heavy for a cyclist. I know that as a heavy rider, some wheels will be better for me than others. My simply question is, would something like Mavic Ksyrium Elites be OK or do I need something more like a hand built 32 spoke set up? I like the looks of the Ksyriums, all reviews say they're super stiff etc but they only have 20 spokes. Does that mean that they'll be too flexible or less durable than something with 32 spokes. I get slightly confused when I read a review of something like the hope hoops rs mono which do have 32 spokes but are considered as compliant and there's no mention of stiffness. Am I wrong in thinking that more spokes - stiffer and therefore better for the big lads......thanks in advance.


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    what to do.....

    I would advise a set of hope hoops, for 1 main reason the warrenty buy them either they will survive as designed or crumple and you can claim a new set and sell them, you might have come across what you are looking for but a no quibbles replacement warrenty is probably the best marker for wheel choice.

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    In the same boat myself.

    Check out my thread Handbuilts Vs Factory Wheels.

    The general view on here is to go handbuilt. I am the same weight as you and I have recently been in touch with two of the best known wheel builders both have raised concern that factory wheels are desinged with riders in mind who are sub 85kg.

    The spoke count does seem to be one of the factors a wheel builder considers but the rim is equally important. Wheelsmiths have given me an Aero and an Open rim spec designed for my weight. Both are more expensive than the the RS80s i was looking at which for me is an issue. Still thinking what to do ......
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    You could always lose weight...
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    having looked about

    You could get a set of hope pro 3's a 36h rear or a set of 32h and use slightly butted spokes (for example dt revalutions can get a bit twangy but comps should be ok) on a touring or cx rim - deep sections and as wide as you dare (make sure it has eyelets)

    its not going to be the most racy set but if you crumple them the frame and fork is probably over stressed or right on the limt as well
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    I'm riding at 16 stone + and have been using Kyrium Equipes for the last year. They are still perfectly true. I've got a fairly powerful style (just lack the endurance and long hill climbing ability!!) and throw my weight about on the climbs and sprints. Haven't felt the slightest bit of flex in them. Will be very happy to upgrade up the Kysrium range when I have the cash but will be wanting to loose weight first!

    Actually used them through the winter, hadn't meant to but never seemed to get the spares sorted with more appropriate tyres and they stood up to the potholes and winter conditions very well.
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    This thread has gone a long way to help me answer my question - http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/viewtop ... t=12775412

    Looks like I will be getting some Mavic Pro 3 RSSP aero 3.0
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