What frame to achieve same position as my old bike?

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Looks like I may have to replace the broken frameset from my 58cm 2008 Trek Madone 5.2 - performance fit. See my separate posts under workshop for the full story! After a lengthy fitting session but with minimal adjustments, this bike fits me like a glove. So I'll want to replicate this fit as closely as posible with any replacement frame. The geometry figures etc for my existing frame can be found at:

http://trekroad.typepad.com/photos/unca ... etry_2.gif

Is there anyone out there who might be able to save me a lot of time searching the web by suggesting other frame-sets out there of similar geometry, price (up to around £1500) and type to allow me to achieve the same fit?

I presume that the current madone 5 series frames are probably one option. But grateful please for any other suggestions?


  • How many spacers did you run. Most road bikes have similar geometry The performance treks or the roubaix models from spesh just have a 3cm longer head tube.

    As to the ride and cornering there is a little variation but at your buying price nobody makes a bad frame
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    If you had a bike fit, you should have your 'Stack height' and 'Reach', all you have to do, is find another bike with the same measurements... :wink:

    Look here to compare most bike figures.
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