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Im looking at buying myself a new frame and one of the options is the Ribble Evo Pro Carbon (feel free to voive opinions about the frame.) The issue for me is that you have to buy the fork that they suggest when you buy the frame. I dont want to buy that fork, its heavy and to be honest quite ugly. Ive asked about upgrading and they refused..which is a bit crazy if you ask me.

I noticed that you have to pay for the Frame and Fork separately, so what i want to know is; am i within my rights to return just the fork on its own, receive a refund and upgrade it myself. Ribble say no, but I'm not sure if they can say no as they would be separate items on the invoice.

Any thoughts?



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    Distance selling regulations suggest that you should be able to return any item for a full refund within 7 days. I don't think Ribble can circumvent the law.
  • This is what they replied with....

    'If you order a frame and fork and return the forks for a refund we will not refund them as we have categorically informed you that you cannot do so. The only reason we have them a s 2 separate items is because the Bikebuilder function does not work unless the forks and frame are 2 separate components.'

    I would like to say that, although they havnt given me answer I wanted. They have been very quick responding to my emails.... 3 replies in 24hrs
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    what alfablue said
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    I can understand why they don't want an odd number of forks to frames left. What I can't understand is why they don't just sell it as a complete frameset - there is no option to spec a different fork in the frame builder so why list it separately? I cannot believe they can't list the item numbers as one entry on the system.

    Will it put you off the purchase?
  • ajb72 wrote:
    Will it put you off the purchase?

    Yeah, I'm not going to settle for a product that im not 100% happy with. I know we arnt talking a lot of money here but I still want to get the bike that looks and feels right for me.

    It seems crazy to me that they would turn away business in this way....

    So that means planet x SL pro or Canyon ultimate AL (slightly over budget but the stem headset and seatpost definitely sweeten the deal)
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    The last (ever) item I ordered from them was on the same day they've issued a 15% coupon and they refused to refund the difference or to offer some credit.

    Luckily it arrived with a defect so I was able to get a full refund. Still I had to pay for the shipping.

    So if you're lucky the fork will have a defect...
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    I think everyone is missing the point

    Ribble aren't saying they won't refund- what they are saying is they will not refund the fork on it's own as it is part of the frameset- which seems reasonable to me

    So if the OP returns the fork, he will have to return the frame as well- which to me seems pointless

    Why not contact the people who actually make these frames ( Dedacci?) and try and buy the frame only from them
  • If they were advertised as a frameset i would agree with you....but they arnt. They are seperate items....
  • This frame is only supplied when you also order Ribble Evo Pro Carbon Forks.
    This is clearly stated on the listing for the frame so although they list them separately they say you have to buy them as a set.

    This will cover them on the distance selling act
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    OP - Given the choice between a Planet X, Ribble or Canyon you should just buy the Canyon.

    Planet X and Ribble supply great things given the price but they're budget brands and the frames are nothing special. That Canyon is a class Alu frame and while I know others will disagree I would much rather have an expensive Alu frame over a cheap carbon one.
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    OP - Given the choice between a Planet X, Ribble or Canyon you should just buy the Canyon.

    Planet X and Ribble supply great things given the price but they're budget brands and the frames are nothing special. That Canyon is a class Alu frame and while I know others will disagree I would much rather have an expensive Alu frame over a cheap carbon one.[/quote

    Problem with some 'top' alu frames is they suffer a weight complex when compared against similar or slightly more expensive 'cheaper' carbon frames. The consequence is you end up ridding around on super thin walled frame which is no more stronger durable than a carbon frame sort of defeats the purpose unless the geo is superb like perhaps a CAAD 9/10 but i read somewhere on here about a ding in the top tube from a minor prang which sort of proves what im trying to say.

    I like Alu I really do but wish some manufacturers would just try and not make the tubes as thin as possible to show a comparable claimed frame weight that wont put people off with weight weenie complexes that are also looking at carbon frames for the money.

    People should look at frame material separate to cost IMO, Carbon should not necessarily be deemed an upgrade to alu they are just two different materials and applications etc.

    slightly off topic apologies.
  • How about if i could get a complete Giant tcr alliance 1 for £750?
  • The-beast
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    dont bother with the evo pro carbon. the joints are bonded together, why dont you spend an extra 150-200 quid and buy a ribble stealth or grand fondo and have the one piece carbon frame ??
  • What about the Planet X team alu? It looks nice, its not too heavy (1380) , neither is the fork (370). That would leave me a good couple of quid to source some lighter wheels. Plus i would get a chance to try out the gometry at bike science brizzle for free.

    Any opinions are welcome.
  • alfablue
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    you would be hard pressed to beat Planet-X Model B wheels for price and weight, would seem the obvious choice if you went with the team alu.
  • Ok...this is driving me mad, and i need to concentrate on my dissertation....

    Here are my options

    Planet X team al, use my existing groupst (tiagra) apart from the cranks which i needto be longer...

    that means £300 for frame and fork... Another £130 for model b's, plus another 50-100 for crankset, then another £100 on headset, stem, seatpost, seat clamp. Roughly £600 plus little stuff and build costs....

    Or... http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-gb/bik ... 423/32363/ for £700... near new condition. Better grouptset, wheels and lighter frame. I'm sure i could get £200 for my old bike too.

    Someone please end my headache!
  • alfablue
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    No way are the wheels better on the Giant, but the package may make more sense at that price.
  • Ive also got my eye on a 2005 tcr advances (same as the T mobile team frame).... Will see how that works out...Worth it for the same money?

    Crank set Campagnolo Centaur

    Chain Campagnolo 10 speed

    Pedals Keo Sprint

    Head set FSA 1-1/8" threadless cartridge integrated

    Handlebars, Giant Racing Components, oversized composite

    Handlebar stem, Giant Racing Components, oversized composite

    Brakes Campagnolo Centaur

    Hubs Campagnolo Proton

    Rims Campagnolo Proton

    Derailleurs (front/rear)

    Campagnolo Centaur 10 speed

    Campagnolo Centaur ErgoPower

    Fi' zi: K Arione

    Weight 7.74 kg

  • Tried to bid on the TCR (2005) Ebay was playing up though it didnt recognise my bid....

    It went for £623...