105 Groupset question (numbers)

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Hi people,

Looking at converting a winter bike from campag 9 speed to shimano 10 speed and can get a full Shimano 105 5600 compact for £315 - is this a good deal?

My question is, does the 5600 signify anything?

Its a 2011 groupset with a hollowtech chainset and bb




  • dru
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    I should clarify this a bit more, but saying that you can also get a 5700 105 groupset from the same place for £410
  • careful
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    Both pretty good deals. The 5700 is the current (newish) model. The main advantage is that the gear cables are concealed under the handlebar tape. The shifter movement is less, arguably making it easier to change gear and the shifter hoods are a better shape for the hands. There are a few other minor improvemnts to crankset and brakes. I doubt if you would notice any real differnce in performance though - both are excellent. Depends if you want to spend more to get the latest model.