Blues Brothers, a musical?

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As the thread title says, just watching the Blues Brothers on ITV4 and it occurred to me that it's a musical! Hmm, not happy, I hate musicals!


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    So do I - but the Blues Brothers is class (Blues Brothers 2 is complete trash).

  • Oh yeah, agreed, the Blues Brothers 2000 was awful. As was all the people who ever went to a fancy dress party as Jake and Elwood. But I still can't quite come to terms with this one. It's a musical and it's good! Need a bit of time to come to terms with this one...
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    Of course the Blues Brothers is a musical, but it's the right music and the right story.

    I had to stay up and watch it last night, despite having the DVD!
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    great film, the whole story was pretty original the first time round and the arkroyd/belushi duo gave it the magic. Sadly both of these things were missing in the sequel which was a total letdown for me. I agree about musicals , i usually find them boring.