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just wondering why i would have a topic deleted???yesterday i put up a new topic post asking for a wee bit of help,i put up my question,ie problem and any possible solution but it was deleted immedietly.happened three times.just wondering what i done wrong.thanks
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    I don't know, as I didn't do it personally, but if the rules are broken then this can happen. Common 'instant deletes' are:

    - poor topic titles
    - posts or titles in all caps
    - posts using 'txt tlk'
    - poor grammar
    - valuation threads
    - repeat posts

    While most of us give some leeway, really bad posts can get binned.
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    cheers mate,no idea realy what i done wrong,i was asking if anyone could point me in the right direction to getting a replacement pre-load screw thing for my tora forks,whether an lbs would stock such a thing or better online and i posted a picture of something that i thought was what i needed but i went to an lbs today and they have to order the part so no riding for the rest of the week for me,totaly gutted,the screw thing was out and when i put it back in ive sheared the plastic nut head so cant get it in completly.
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    like this topic
    or this one

    you asked a buying question in the wrong part of the forum. the topic was moved and you asked again in a different part of the forum but again and this was also moved.

    you posts have not been deleted just moved to the correct part of the forum.

    so now what do you require, a preload cap or a Uturn cap.

    continue in the relevant post.
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