fsa compact handlebars cable routing

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im thinking of getting new road handlebars and im closely looking at the fsa compact range.

the ones im interested are the omega or the wing pro.

my only concern is on the omega there is the option for double cabling routing while on the wing pro its not mentioned which make me believe its not possible.
as im using ultregra shifters i was hoping to run my cable under my bar tape keeping it nice and neat.

does anyone here use the wing pro and can share some light with the cable routing or even send some pictures. would really help me out.


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  • graham_g
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    You don't need to have a groove to accommodate the cables, even if you're running both at the front. In relation to the tops, I would seriously recommend running brake cables to the front and gear to the rear. Unless you're really finicky about having the cable bump on the tops then I wouldn't worry about it.
  • edhornby
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    I wouldn't worry about it too much either, the palms of you hands rest on the top of the tops so as long as the cable is toward the bottom of the bar (if it's not got a groove to sit in) it'll be fine

    use elecrical tape to set the cables in the right place before winding the bartape
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