VDO HC12.6 speed sensor faulty?

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Not sure if anyone can shed any light on this but my bike has been in storage for 3 months due to a house move, i took it our yesterday and could not get the speed sensor to pick up how fast i was going.

It is a wired unit and i checked the distance between the magnet and the sensor umpteen times.
Battery must be ok as it picked up my heartrate and time.
Gave it a good clean to remove any dust etc.
Occasionally it would pick up the speed but only for a few seconds every 30min or so.

Long shot but hope someone can help :)



  • alfablue
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    Try a new magnet?

    If you still have problems, VDO are very good - I sent back my 8 year old unit to them (in Germany) and they replaced it foc with a new, better model. They offer a 5 year warranty but exceeded that for me!
  • sam1176uk
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    I'll try a new magnet, thanks, does it have to be a vdo one or will anyone do?
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