When should I replace pedals?

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I have some shimano 105 spd-sl pedals. I have noticed that the left pedal seems to feel like there is a very small gap between cleat and pedal on the upstroke.

I have had them about 1.5 years. is this a sign they need replacing?



  • domhopson
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    Have you checked your cleats for wear?
  • JimboPlob
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    the cleats are as old as the pedals. How would I know if they are worn?
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    JimboPlob wrote:
    the cleats are as old as the pedals. How would I know if they are worn?

    Mostly by looking at them.

    If they are as old as the pedals - get new ones. If that doesn't work, keep the cleats for the next (new) set of pedals.

    I regularly replace my cleats - they get pretty ground down from walking off the bike.
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    There would be fairly obvious signs of wear and tear, which reminds me I should replace mine really.
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    Sounds like play in the bearings possibly. If so, I'm sure you should replace them, but if it's not your best bike then you might not bother - I have the same pedals on my winter bike and they've had some fairly serious bearing play for about 2 years.
  • 1st - Check the cleat- if's it Shimano 105, you will have Shimano SPD SL cleats which is the yellow or red one. If the red or yellow plastic/rubber is faded away and you can see the black colour of the cleat then it definately needs replacing.

    2nd - Could be the bearing, check for play in the pedals if needs to be tighten the pedal.

    3rd- Shoes, are the cleat properly secured to your shoes??

    Good Luck
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