First full suser helpv ( Boardman Team FS)

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just picked my a 2010 Boardman Team FS, this being my first full sus bike, is there any tips to set up my suspension. the rear shock is a Rock Shox Monarch 3.1 i dont want feck it up. i got myself a bike hut shock pump too. also i dont see any lock out function on the rear shock when climbing, maybe thats not needed?



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    If you don't have lockout whether or not you need it is a bit academic. I use it for long fire road climbs, often just because it's there and feel I should use use it, but I find off road I don't really need it - minimal pedal bob anyway.
    To set up, set sag at around 25% of travel, set rebound midway and experiment with what feels best for you with small adjustments.
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