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New TT Bike - Giant Trinity *new wheels*

Cornish-JCornish-J Posts: 978
edited May 2011 in Your road bikes
Here's my new Giant Trinity SL - (bottom of the range model) :(

Only change are the wheels for my cosmic carbones.

Giant Trinity SL 0 by .JayD., on Flickr

Giant Trinity SL 0 by .JayD., on Flickr


  • bottom of the range or not, it's still an awesome looking bike! what were the original wheels on it? :)
  • Cornish-JCornish-J Posts: 978
    thanks Dr!

    I'm really pleased with the aesthetics :D

    The original wheels were just alloy semi deep rims - not bad wheels but certainly not as light as the mavics.
  • blue black and white suits TT bikes, makes them seem faster lol!

    oh, was just wondering if giant put shallow 30mm rims on!

    nice to see that they come with aero chainset as well!

    p.s. nice bench!
  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    I had one of those frames, and very good it was/is too. :wink:
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  • Stunning looking bike.......and matches my kit too. Bottom of the range or not, I suspect 95+% of people on this forum would love to own/ride it!!!!!
  • incog24incog24 Posts: 549
    I've got the alliance version and love it. Great bikes :D
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  • Cornish-JCornish-J Posts: 978
    thanks guys :D

    did a 10m TT this morning (still recovering from a cold too) and knocked 1minute and 3seconds off my previous best time on only my second ride on the bike :D

    I'm only a TT noobie though, 26.35 was my sluggish time compared to most but im pleased with it. :)
  • c0ugarsc0ugars Posts: 202
    This is a great looking bike, ive been a Giant fan for ages. Ive had my eyes on one of these for a while.
  • That looks really nice.
    It's got some real visual impact, and from riding a similar one a friend owns, I'd suggest it's a very very capable weekend warrior bike. Those tend to handle very well, and are pretty indestructable as well. Very difficult to find anything else even close for the money.
    It's got great stance, and I'm sure with the wheels spinning it only looks that much better again.

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  • if you dont mind, how much was this mate!? RT Tester
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  • Cornish-JCornish-J Posts: 978
    New planet x wheels :)

    Giant Trinity by .JayD., on Flickr
  • Kona21Kona21 Posts: 107
    Wouldn't want to be caught in a cross wind !

    A serious looking bike. I like !
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  • Cornish-JCornish-J Posts: 978
    yea they are a bit 'twitchy' in the wind!

    ps: your opera is awesome!
  • Kona21Kona21 Posts: 107
    Thanks ! Only got it today, not even used it yet and i now have a cold coming on so probs wont use it any time soon ! :evil:
    Opera Super Leonardo
    Campag Super Record 11
    Corima Aero + wheels ... t=12777242
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