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For some months now, my Shimano M076 SPD shoes have been giving me hard skin and corns along the outer edge of my feet extending about an inch behind the little toe. I've been cutting the corns off but they're getting worse. Now they are actually painful at the end of a ride.

Anyone had the same problem, any advice? The shoes seem OK, no obvious rubbing points.

Cheers, GH


  • I've got a corn on my foot from where I cut it on glass and a little piece wouldn't come out.

    Hard skin formed around the glass and although i've got the glass out, the corn/hard lump of skin is still there.

    If anyone has a good remedy then i'm all ears! Had it about 3 years now :lol:
  • Paul_iow
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    Green_hornet - Corns arise from pressure so something is causing the body to lay down extra layers of skin. My 1st thoughts would be either:

    a)Your shoes aren't big enough for you, your feet will swell during the day and during exercise so shoes may be ok to start with but be too small as your feet swell

    b) They are not set up properly so you are putting more weight/stress on the outside of your foot when riding.

    Any chance of a picture? Will help to see what everything looks like.

    Monkey - It can take months or years for the skin to re-structure itselfs and if scar tissue has formed this can take even longer, sometimes it never sorts itself out. Regular filing/cutting etc and moisturising will help keep the skin softer.
  • I've found the problem... there is a pattern on the underside of the insole with 3 ridges that correspond to my corns. I'll try filling in the spaces with rubber glue, if that doesn't work I'll get some smooth insoles. GH