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my condor 531 "work" bike

phoogphoog Posts: 6
edited April 2011 in Your road bikes


Frame: 531C condor
Forks: 531
Bars: cinelli
Stem: colnago quill
Headset: shim AX threaded
Bar Tape: ??

Front Brake Lever:
Front Caliper: 600 AX
Rear Brake Lever:
Rear Caliper: 600 AX

Shifters: Dura ace 7800 10speed
Front Mech: Dura ace 7800 triple
Rear Mech: Dura ace 7800 triple

Seat: Brooks select
Seat Post: can't remeber but pure bling :)
Seat Post Clamp:

Cranks: fsa carbon
Chainring(s): fsa
Chain: kmc gold
Cassette: ultegra
Pedals: Shim spd
Bottom Bracket: dura ace

it's my north Devon hills commute bike :)


  • Are those stickers on the frame? Can we have some close-ups?
  • phoogphoog Posts: 6
    yeah, they're stickers, mainly put there by my 8 year old daughter , i was going to swap the frame over to an 853 I've got, so I didn't think i'd be out on it much looking like it does now , but that was over a year ago .
    no point rushing these things, it rides a lot better than it looks (which obviously doesn't say much)
    I'll post some more pics :)
  • flanners1flanners1 Posts: 916
    I quite like the look of the stickers, in paint could be a new Pegoretti colour scheme!
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