which specialized secteur model to buy?

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Hi all hello i have just joined after looking in from the outside for some time.

I am a overweight (well over) unfit 50 year old who 3 months ago got back on my first bike since childhood and is really enjoying it.I have a glode vienna hybrid which is a nice bike but already the bug as bit and i want a road bike.

I am going for a specialized secteur but what model. I was going just for the base model because the price was about right for me. But after looking on line a few shops are still selling 2010 models so for £550 i could get a sport model but ofcourse i had to keep looking and have found a elite model for £800 which is all my pennies and a few more. The thing is do i go for the sport and have a few quid to spend on some upgrades or go for the elite would i notice the differance over each model (HELP)

The thing is with the 2010 models is they are all for sale a long way from me so they are mail order or would i be better of buying a 2011 model at a local shop the base model at 599 or sport for 769?
Sorry to go on for my first post but i want to get it right
many thanks gary


  • Hello - and welcome!

    The right answer to your question is to work out how much cash you have.
    Then work out how much you need to spend on extras over and above the bike such as kit, spares, needless accessories etc etc etc

    And then go and find the Secteur and associated stuff that costs 50 quid more than your budget :)

    The big manufacturers pretty much revamp their model line up every year
    I bought "last years" Specialized a while ago and got a great deal
    The new one usually has new stickers and paint - the bits will be approximately the same

    Now for the tricky bit........

    You really should go to your local shop and talk to them in order to get good advice
    Fit is everything on a road bike
    Buying mail order can be a lottery unless you are absolutely sure what you want

    On the other hand my local shop are pretty well established as a national name
    They have no serious competition and are a bunch of smug unhelpful knowalls charging full sticker prices

    I personally would have no problem being humiliated by them whilst checking out a bike and then buying it mail order - I understand I run the risk of getting serious forum stick for this :)

    And it really isnt about the bike
    Of my group there are a few guys on full on mega bucks bikes
    One of the fastest of my pals is a bloke riding a base model Secteur

    Best of luck
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    I have a 2010 elite model which was £1k when new, to be honest the only better things on the elite are I think the forks with the gel insert, never ridden a bike without them so compare, and the groupset which is 105. The wheels on them are fine and as they are a high spoke count will help with your weight.

    If a lower groupset is fine for you I would go for the lower spec and put the rest into decent shoes and pedals and then see how you get on before deciding to upgrade anything.

    All I have changed is my wheels to mavic aksiums and the saddle as the standard one was too wide and I couldnt get on with it. Still got the standard tyres on it as they are fine as far as I am concerned will change them when they finally wear out.
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    Congratulations for getting back into biking!! I agree the best bet is to get down to your local bike shop and get the sizing right, plus if anything goes wrong with the bike you know you can take it back. Why not ask if the bike shop will throw some free stuff in or give a discount on accesories as well? I've done it and they're normally happy to oblige.
    It's never too late to become what you might have been...........
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    Ohh the only other thing was I needed a shorter stem as I was on the cusp of between 54 and 56 frame sizes so as has been said a fitting is important as a badly fitting bike will give you problems and cause injuries and take away any enjoyment
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    Hi, I have a 2010 Secteur Sport. If you have a choice between a 2011 Sport for £769 and a 2010 Elite for £800 then get the 2010 Elite! It has the same wheels as this years sport, is exactly the same frame but you get the highly rated Shimano 105 gears. These are well worth the extra £31 (google 'shimano groupset' and checkout the price difference). Also it looks nicer IMHO!

    However, if your budget is tight then I'd recommend a 2010 Sport over the 2011 base model as the Sport has the better Shimano Sora/Tiagra gears.

    How much you would notice the difference between each of these different gearsets whilst riding is probably debatable, but the build quality and longevity of the better gears will payback in the medium to long term.

    To check out which size you need then go to your local store and try them out. The frame etc is identical between the 2010 & 2011 models. This will take some of the risk out of mail ordering if you go for a 2010 model.

    Don't forget though that at the moment Specialized are offering 10% of the price of your new 2011 bike in free Specialized products (whatever you want). On a tight budget this could be the clincher!

    Enjoy making your decision and enjoy the bike,

    Regards, EarlyGo