quick question about seven bikes

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I've trawled their website without success, I wonder does anyone know whether seven ever made a mtb frame called the color ? Thanks in advance


  • loughor
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    Nobody? The reason I ask is that the bike on the link below on a second hand site here in Hong Kong, if genuine, is a blooming bargain.

    Thanks again

  • nicklouse
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    TBH you would do better asking on a forum in an area where Seven have been available.

    Seven has had a very very small sales in the UK.

    or contact your local dealer

    Flying Ball Bicycle Co. LTD

    Website: http://www.flyingball.com/

    Lai Sun Commercial Centre, Shop G58, G/F 680 Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
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    Cheers Nick,

    I didn't realise that Flying Ball were the importers. I'll give them a call.
    Ta again