first road bike ride ever! leaving in a minute!!

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I picked up my Specialized Secteur Comp 2010 last night and i am just about to head out on it for the first time. In fact it is the first time i have ever been out on a road bike! been riding mtb's for years but this is going to be different, but in a good way!! cant wait! - a site for sore eyes


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    Welcome to the roadie world.

    You will become addicted :D
  • Prepare your bank account for destruction!! =D

    very easy to get hooked, and all too easy to throw money at the addiction!!

    Welcome =)
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    Take plenty of water
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    very easy to get hooked, and all too easy to throw money at the addiction!!

    Fuelled by forums such as this. :wink:
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    ShutUpLegs wrote:
    Take plenty of water

    I think he's left already. :)
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    have a good time nice warm day.
    Never trust anyone who says trust me
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    Are you back yet,been worried about you.... :lol:
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    Enjoy it!

    I got my first road bike a few weeks back and I love it :) It's almost as much fun as the mtb!
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    Exactly the same bike as I bought a few weeks ago!

    The stock Tektro brakes & pads are dire - I found some 105's on line (cheap as they are "last years) & added KoolStop Salmon pads (total cost £50) to MASSIVE+++++ improvement in braking.

    Oh, and you will have a nightmare trying to fit mudguards - after much research and faffing around, I now have SKS Raceblades (XL size) and they are snug & perfect (and easily removed).

    Good luck!
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    sorry for not replying until now, got back a long time ago!! and in fact went out again this afternoon!!

    loved it, not sure when the old mtb will see the light of day again!! i think i may be hooked already!! - a site for sore eyes
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    Got plenty of lobb you will need it :)
    Never trust anyone who says trust me