replace wheels or repair current ?

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In 2005 i bought this bike ... odel=10134

The freewheel is starting to seize up, so I thought i would take a look at it, upon removing the axle i found that 2 of the bearings on the drive side were knackered and the end of the freehub was bent which should help to hold the bearings in, also the cone on drive side is no longer smooth it has a rough texture to it.

So as the hub is made by xero a standard shimano one will not fit I have found a hub i "thinkk" will fit but wouldnt be 100% sure until it arrived, and I cant find a replacement cone (cone is none threaded with a lock nut behind it)

I dont do any heavy riding any more but I am a heavy bloke (16+ stone) so when i do decided to do some hopping on the back wheel or wheeling the wheels need to cope. Worth mentioning at this point that I have never had to true these wheels whilst I have owned the bike, that is more to do with the fact I dont use it much than the fact they are super duper strong.

So do I repair or replace ?
If I replace I dont want to spend a fortune and I dont know a lot about wheels, the shimano mt15 seem perfect except they are centre lock disk not 6 bolt and the adapters would then make it an expensive purchase. unless I could find some cheap centre lock disks that are compatible with my calipers ?

What are your thoughts ?



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    CRC have centrelock rotors for about £8 each.
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    That is pretty cheap!
    Some of the bearings had worn flat in places on the drive side, which has damaged the surface of the cone on that side, I have replaced the axle and drive side bearings and it seems to have helped my issue with the freewheel.
    I assume sometime in the next few months this will cause me a problem again, Has ended up only costin me about £7 for a new axle and bearings.

    Now I need to find some chain lube as I've cleaned it bone dry and I dont think it will do it much good riding it with no lube all summer.