SIS Electrolyte Powder

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I have just bought some SIS Electrolyte Powder to help during cycles as I tend to sweat a lot, is this stuff as good as energy tabs in water?


  • emx
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    energy drinks and electrolyte drinks are entirely different. If you've just bought some, the best course of action would be to mix some into a bottle, go for a ride and try it for yourself....
  • Pigtail
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    I bought a trial pack of 3 different SIS powders early this year. I was disappointed after I got home to discover they contained aspartame. I found them ok - but they felt a little forced.

    After they were finished I bought a big tub of high5 4in1 powder. I find it more pleasant to take - I need to restrain myself from drinking it too quickly, rather than having to push it. I've never tried electrolyte tabs as I'm mainly looking for some energy.
  • sungod
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    i use nuun tablets in the water bottle sometimes, the lemony ones have a nice taste

    you can make your own drink...


    large pinch of salt (about 1g per litre of drink)

    for the carbs there are many possible sources, a couple are...

    50-60g sugar per litre, add lemon juice to taste
    or use orange/lemon squash, not the sugar free type, in ratio of about 1:4 squash:water

    it takes experimentation to avoid ending up with a bottle of nasty tasting stuff, don't overdo the salt!
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    I assume you're referring to SIS Go?
    Works for me - I like the taste, don't mind paying for it & it contains both electrolytes & carbs.
  • mogi
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    Used to use SIS go,then tried maximuscle viper..tastes miles better and works out cheaper.
  • Garz
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    I am currently using the viper stuff. Found it in the local asda ages ago on offer for a fiver!

    Am trying to use it all up as it's sell by date is almost up. Tastes okay but you have to thoroughly mix it. The tub says you can use it for pre-ride, during ride and post-ride.
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    I bought some rehydration salts from Boots - pack of 6 for £2.00 - they're nice tasting and you can swig a whole one down diluted into a small glass of water. Good for a post sweaty ride!