most comfortable seat for £ 50

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got a bontrager seat at the moment , came on the bike as standard , cant get used to it . any recommendations for around about £50 ?


  • rc856
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    Saddles are a very personal choice mate.
    I love my Spesh Alias.
    Try and find somewhere that will let you borrow a test saddle for a week or two.
  • gareth1234
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    a great review on here, i've got one on the roadie and another on the MTB.
    very comfy and only £20 as well ... e486901227
  • dennisn
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    Just to let you know. I wouldn't necessarily equate high price with high comfort levels.
    In fact I'm of the opinion that it might be more of the opposite. Good luck in your search for that perfect saddle. We are all, more than likely, still searching right along side of you.
    I'm a fan of cutout's and of the sit-bone types.
  • petemadoc
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    Seems to be the most popular saddle, £45 with the vip discount.

    As already said, saddles are personal though.
  • Pokerface
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    Best seat for £50? You can get two of these for that much:
  • I've tried Specialised saddles, and have ended up with the Bontrager RXL inform saddle.

    I find the Bonty inform saddles really, really comfy. Had the cheapest one to start off, but now have the RXL.

    I'm afraid saddles are a very personal choice, and its a case of trial and error!