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Etape du Dales entry 15th MAy

JonMsJonMs Posts: 5
It's looking like increasing levels of back pain mean that there is no way I will be able to do the Etape du Dales. I'm not sure how it works yet but it might be possible to transfer my entry number to someone else. Original entry price was £40 but if someone wants it for £30 by Paypal and knows what I need to do to transfer the entry then let me know.


  • Hi

    I'm interested in the entry but I have no idea how to transfer details etc. If you can find out from the organisers and if it is possible I will pay you for it.

    Let me know


  • gsk82gsk82 Posts: 2,703
    i've enterred a race on this day but can't be guaranteed a place with me been a lowly fourth cat private meber. if i don't get in i quite fancy this so may be begging the week before
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  • JonMsJonMs Posts: 5
    I've contacted the organisers to see if I can do an entry transfer. I'll let you know when they reply.
  • Thanks very much, fingers crossed
  • Any news on the entry? If they won't swap it how would I take your place? Just ride as your name?
  • JonMsJonMs Posts: 5
    I haven't heard anything yet but the entry is SIentries. It looks as if I might be able to just edit my entry online, changing my details to yours. If that doesn't work I guess you could just ride under my name.
  • That being the case il take the entry please,

    How do we work it now?

  • Mike CooperMike Cooper Posts: 10
    I have a entry for the Etap Du Dales that I now cannot do. Have tried contacting the organisor, but no reply. Anyone want to buy it or use my name? Say same price as previous person £30. Mike Cooper:(
  • JonMsJonMs Posts: 5
    I've mailed you offline.

  • I've still got one place available but the organisers aren't very good at replying to emails - i've sent several and no reply - not sure why they're so unresponsive.
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