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what sort of gloves for my kids?

Im looking to get gloves for my kids when they are out on their wee specialized balance bikes.

Our cub came off the other day and scobed the hands off himself, it could be time to get gloves.

Boy 3 years old
girl 2 years old

Does anyone know where I can get gloves to fit ??


  • Pipster3Pipster3 Posts: 82
    My 3yr old has a set of the Union jack gloves Kiddimoto sell :)))
  • gllewellyngllewellyn Posts: 113
    Halfords do sell some kids cycling gloves - my kids (5 & 7) have them, however they may be a bit big for your kids - worth a look though.
  • SlowingDownSlowingDown Posts: 129
    Decathlon do kids mitts but the smallest they do are still a bit big (but usable) on 3 year olds
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  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    In delicate cirmcumstances such as these, I'd advise.......

    .....kid gloves

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