First cycling Jersey.. :?:

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As the title above, about to purchase my first cycling jersey with a budget about £60. Had a few in mind and need some comment about it.

1) Sportful BodyFit Pro Team Cycling Jersey ... ng-jersey/

2) Altura Ergofit Comp Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey ... ng-jersey/

3) Mavic Espoir Jersey Summer 2011 ... elID=32371

4) Nike Livestrong ... elID=61189

5) Castelli GPM Short Sleeve Jersey Full Zip ... ASTZJSS118

6) Castelli Prologo Short Sleeve Jersey ... ASTZJSS122

Any thoughts? :)


  • fleshtuxedo
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    By the one you like the look of.

    It's only a jersey.
  • winton
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    I use Sportful base layers and they are great but I don't have any jerseys...

    Castelli jerseys are top, top quality too - I have a Prologo Short Sleeve and it is pretty good. Zip is a bit stiff though IMO.
  • rolf_f
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    Nice kit, made in UK from UK fabric and run by nice people! (eg not in one of Nikes sweatshops....)

    Also, Santini make nice stuff. Have a look at Prendas website.
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  • giant_man
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    Depends really whether you want a full zip jersey or part zip.

    Fully zipped are good for the warmer weather which looks like we're starting to get now.
  • keef66
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    For £60 you could get 2 long sleeved and 3 short sleeved tops if you go for the Planet-X bargains. I have and they are pretty good.
  • ShutUpLegs
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    I'd go with the Castelli offerings, HD Prologo jerseys are excellent quality.
  • Avezius
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    I have bought some tops from for under £20 & have been impressed. Note - Cheapo shorts from the same place were not so good.

    A few friends also use this place for their standard stuff & are all impressed by the VFM. My friend's latest order came with stitching defects on one jersey & on contacting the company, replacements were sent straight out (he even got to keep the damaged one). That's good service in my book.

    I also picked up some cheap arm warmers from them & they have been excellent. Along with various base layers I have effectively extended the temp range of my short sleeved jerseys!

    However, Wife bought me a Gore short sleeved jersey for my bday. She wouldnt say how much it was, but it's much nicer than the cheap ones (albeit at probably 3x the price).