Bib shorts... How nadger cradling should they be?

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Hey all,

Got my lovely Rock Racing Bib shorts and Jersey today (yeah yeah I know, they are a crappy team full of druggies and rejects.. But I like the design!) and just curious as to how tight the bibs should be over the shoulder.

Im 6'3" but have a long trunk, so I was expecting them to be tight vertically, but how tight should they be?



  • rick_chasey
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    Sit on a bike and find out how comfy it is.

    As long as it isn't baggy...
  • hopper1
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    Mine are comfortable on my shoulders. You shouldn't really be aware of the straps, or they're too tight.
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  • hmm I feel the straps quite a lot, so hoping my extended manly frame stretches the material a bit!
  • Ginjafro
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    As tight as this !

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  • Bwahahaha if only the bright yellow of my mankini was filled out so well =P

    In other news, my shop actually sells mankinis and a guy that I work with put one on for a customer as a bet!