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Nutcracker 24 hour

EddieHitlerEddieHitler Posts: 47
edited April 2011 in XC and Enduro
Weve just entered the one at Bramham Park Leeds. The video on the webite of the initial course looks well ropey to say the least.

Anyone rode one of the Nutcracker courses before? And was it as bad as it looks on the video?


  • .kyle.kyle Posts: 12
    Was talking to a Nutcracker official at one of their races yesterday and he was saying there's a chance than the Nutcracker 24 may not go ahead due to lack of sponsorship. It will be a great shame if the race doesn't go ahead.
  • Thats a bit worrying :(
  • The rumours are true as confirmed by the Nutcracker admin;

    "There will be a notice later today announcing cancellation of the event for 2011 but also announcing the 2012 event, for which we are starting to market now in order to increase the entries." :(
  • rock_hopperrock_hopper Posts: 129
    Where did you read that Eddie?

    To answer your question, the Nutcracker courses aren't that great, lots of main tracks and bits of grassy, cut in single-track. Not one I would want to ride for 24 hours, ok for an XC race though.
  • It was a reply to an email I sent to the Nutcrcker admin yesterday to confirm the rumours of its cancellation. Now looking at the Singletrack event in Derby which looks to be a lot better all round to be honest.

    Im sure there are plenty of you on here that have done this one? ... 011-is-go/
  • rock_hopperrock_hopper Posts: 129
    I did Sleepless a few years ago, 2004 or 2005 I think. Course was ok, some decent single-track and not a massive amount of climbing. A 24hr course can't be too technically challenging. They also have 10 years experience running this event. Very popular next to Mountain Mayhem but be careful if it rains, it's an absolute mud bath, have seen some horrendous photos from the last few years, bike and morale breaking stuff. Have fun.
  • .kyle.kyle Posts: 12
    Email received today;

    Dear Rider

    It is with great regret that I inform you of the cancellation of the 2011 Nutcracker 24 Enduro MTB race, scheduled to be held at Bramham Park on 2/3 July.

    Before expanding further, I'd firstly like to take this opportunity to thank all those that entered the event for their support and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, however, the entry status is only at 20% of where it needs to be in order for the event to become viable and to have the inolvement of enough riders to make a competitive event and the financial risk is simply too high to allow the event to remain active for any longer.

    All of those that have pre-entered will be given a full refund by cheque within the next 2 weeks. If you'd prefer to receive this electronically, please send your bank details, stating your full name to [email protected] and we will issue an immediate BACS payment.

    We can only apologise for the news at this stage but offer a promise that the event WILL happen in 2012. Marketing and promotion will continue from now for the 2012 event and entry will go live on January 1st.

    In the meantime, it'd be great to see you all at the XC Series events, which continue throughout the summer as planned. Please visit for more information on this.

    Best Regards
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