microShift mechs - any good?

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I know Cofidis used them recently, but there is a difference between pro team supported by mechanics and me with limited experience..

So what are real life experiences with this kit? Pods fitted to Moda Rubato.


  • I haven't personally used for any length of time, but I have a friend who's riding end to end Microshift on his TT bike and loves it. I've ridden the bike very briefly..shifts were crisp and precise.. I'd very seriously consider them when i change drivetrains..

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    I asked the same question recently and got some rather scathing replies along the lines of micro5hit

    Dunno if that's just because people need to justify their campag record price tag or something.

    I'd also be interested to hear some opinions from people who use it
  • I think that PeteMadoc just touched on what will be a major obstacle to objective answers. At the end of the day, very few of the people who've dumped > 1000 into a groupset, be it Campy/Shm/Sram.. are going to suddenly turn around and proclaim it was all a waste of money and that Microshift has a better product for a fraction of the money.
    However, my limited exposure to them so far, shows them to be well made, well thought out and to work flawlessly. I don't think I'd hesitate for a minute to run them when I wear out what I'm currently running.
    Depends on who you are as a cyclist.. if you're the 'all the gear and no idea' type, then Microshift is nowhere near bling enough to keep your prima donna mindset intact, however if you're looking for great performance at a good price, I'd suggest Microshift may indeed have a LOT to offer.

    Cycle related blog entries, including a few 5 minute reviews:
    http://anotherdooratthe.endoftheinterne ... y/cycling/
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    I've only had experience with them in the MTB world and for the price they are good. If I was in the market for new mechs in that price range I wouldn't hesitate to put them on the shortlist.

    Although naturally the more expensive groupsets are supposed to give better shifting etc .. .. But that holds true which any brand.
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    A very good review here -

    http://road.cc/content/review/14420-mic ... d-groupset

    Shame about the washing line gear cables though.
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    I uysed them on a hire bike in Majorca this year. They didn't look as fancy as the ones in Smokin Joe's link.
    They did the job okay. There was a plastic button affair oin the outside of the shifters and a lever behind the brake. Fine when on the hoods but almost impossible to change into a harder gear when on the drops.
    All in all they felt like old Shimano 105 shifters, bit clunky and basic, but did what they are supposed to do.
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    when i got my CX bike it had microshit on it. within a week it was swapped out for 105. it just didnt work. i had 3 different mechanics look at it and noone could get it to shift properly. put 105 on there and it was suddenly changing like a dream.

    theres no need to be a snob on a CX bike (first ride and i damaged my shifters) so riding microshit would have been a lot cheaper. but its horrendous.

    id rather spend the extra cash on 105 than use it again. Hell i'd ride sora over it.