Can you recommend a good bike fitting?

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I'm finally thinking about getting a good bike fit as i've recently been getting a few niggles and pains while riding.
Can anyone here recommend or give feedback (good or bad) for any places around the Kingston/Surrey area? I bought my bike from Sigma sports and have been impressed with their service since. Is their bike fitting service as good?


  • gaddster
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    Had a friend who had a fitting at Sigma, he couldn't rate them highly enough.
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    Velo Solutions have fitting sessions at Le Beau Velo They've also started doing them at Pure Motion Cycles in West Byfleet..

    Me and my bro just had a fitting there last Friday. They were superb. The resulting positions have really made a difference.
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  • Specialized Concept Store - Kingston - Richmond Road
    £140 1-2 hour thorough bike fitting
  • Before you dump money into a conventional fit.. try this:

    Follow the directions exactly, and it will give you a VERY good starting point. You may want to tweak a degree or two here or there (which you will after a professional fitting anyway) but this will get you very very close to where you'll want to be.

    Cycle related blog entries, including a few 5 minute reviews:
    http://anotherdooratthe.endoftheinterne ... y/cycling/
  • Im Bald Ok
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    Sleeping i will give that a go today as i have a day off.
    I have used this but it didn't really change much or give a super detailed fit.
    If that doesn't get me to where i want to be i'll probably give sigma a go if the niggles continue.
  • Im Bald Ok
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    Well i thought i'd update.

    Just measured myself through the Competitive cyclist website. Found out that my stem is too short by 10-20mm. To compensate, i found out that i put my saddle 20-30mm too far back.

    Would it seem reasonable that my hamstring/knee pain has stemmed (nice pun eh?) from this? The pain is only from the uplift of the peddle stroke, so if i'm sitting further back i would be straining more through that effort? Or am i completely off...any help would be appreciated.
  • jswba
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    Check your knee position with a plumbline to be sure that you're not sitting too far back. When your pedal's at 3 o'clock (facing forward) a plumbline through your knee (bony part of the joint) should run through the centre of the pedal spindle
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    Cyclefit in London.

    Very good and thorough check of flexibility, biomechanics etc. They don't try and shoe horn you into the latest fashionable position unlike a previous fit i had.
  • carl_p
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    Tried the Competitive Cyclist fit. I'm 5ft 8 and it's telling me I need a top tube of 63cm :shock:

    My CAAD9 top tube is roughly 54cm and is virtually horizontal and feels the maximum I would want to go to. It seems your trunk length influences tt length and according to my lovely assistant mine measures 107 cm (I've short legs long body). Anybody else getting an unusual result here?

    Similarly it is suggesting I need an extra 20 to 30mm on the stem (currently 110mm) which seems a hell of a lot even on a less aggressive set up when I already feel quite stretched out.
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