FSA SLK seatpost and oversized carbon rails

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Does anyone know if the FSA SLK seatpost with 20mm setback

http://www.fullspeedahead.com/products/ ... K-SB20-SBS

will take the oversized carbon rails on a Regal-E FX?

http://www.sellesanmarco.it/en/Collezio ... %20FX.html


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    Not sure if it answers your question, but I have that seat post and can fit the oversized (ie not round) carbon rails of a selle italia thoork team edition - no problems :)
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    I bought my SLK seatpost from Wiggle and I vaguely remember on the Q&A section for the product page someone asking this very question. Wiggle staff confirmed that it was fine to take oval shaped rails. May be worth checking with FSA though for absolute clarity?
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    cheers folks